Each one of us remembers dark shatters of the past, moments that doesn't make us proud.

And sometimes we wish we had made different choices.

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Will be available
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About the game

Other Inside is a story-driven puzzle platformer about decisions and their consequences.
A desperate mime is trying to recollect an important memory as he travels through a psychedelic
world full of puzzles which he needs to solve with the use of pantomime.

Use pantomime to
solve puzzles

Pantomime can be very powerful in our game. You have the ability to interact with things that are completely imaginary and to use them to your advantage. That is the only way how to overcome obstacles which are waiting for you. But as usually, there is a catch…

Make decisions and deal with consequences

Once you make a decision, you can't take it back. It forms the world around you. It forms mime‘s very personality. You will learn that even the smallest decisions can have the largest impact.

Explore the world and
reveal the truth

Mystery is an essence of the game. It seems that each answer leads to another question. What really happened? What is this place and how did you get there? Explore the world around you and find final answers for all of those questions.



We are two guys who share the same passion for making games and we call ourselves Vicious Mime due to this our first project together.
Even though we are a beating heart of this development team, there are other awesome people that are helping us with stuff we don‘t have time for.


Dave is co-founder of Vicious Mime. He's managing all that ones and zeros of the game and he has like a bilion level sketches in his drawer. Besides being main programmer and level designer he's also man, who's not afraid to take care about his beard. Man, his beard is glorious! Legend says, he's the one, who actually came with the idea of a mime themed game.


Jiri is also co-founder of Vicious Mime and he's Other Inside's artdirector and main graphic designer. As fancy as it may sounds, he's just wombling around with his colored pixels and crazy thoughts, which are making Dave's life miserable. He consider himself quite creative. He thinks that because he made up the word "womble".